Elton John  "Me"

 Elton John's autobiography delves into his childhood dreams, struggles with drug addiction, and journey to sobriety and fatherhood, offering a glimpse into the dazzling world of music

Alicia Keys  "More Myself"

This part autobiography, part narrative documentary by Alicia Keys explores her inner challenges, including her complex relationship with her father and the pressures of fame

Elliot Page  "Pageboy"

Elliot Page shares his journey of self-discovery, from the overwhelming success of "Juno" to his struggles with the spotlight and personal identity​

Matthew McConaughey  "Greenlights"

 McConaughey's memoir reflects on his life's ups and downs, offering insights and lessons from his diaries, spanning 35 years of triumphs and challenges

Stanley Tucci  "Taste"

 Before his fame, Stanley Tucci grew up in an Italian American family. His book shares the magic of meals and life stories, from childhood to his roles in iconic films

Britney Spears "The Woman In Me"

Britney Spears' memoir addresses her personal struggles, media exploitation, and the conservatorship that dominated her life for 13 years​

Paris Hilton "Paris: The Memoir"

Paris Hilton reveals her life beyond the public eye, discussing her experiences at an 'emotional growth' boarding school and her journey to building a global empire​

Michelle Obama  "Becoming"

Michelle Obama’s memoir covers her life from Chicago's South Side to the White House, discussing personal losses, her education, and her time as the First Lady

Steve Martin  "Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life"

This memoir by Steve Martin covers his early life, days at Disneyland, stand-up comedy career, and his decision to quit comedy at the peak of his fame

Johnny Cash "Cash: The Autobiography"

Written 20 years after his first autobiography, Johnny Cash shares his life story, which later inspired the biopic "Walk the Line