"An Inconvenient Truth" (2006)

This documentary, led by Al Gore, provides a compelling look at the dangers of climate change, using detailed visuals to present the scientific consensus on global warming and its consequences​​.

"13th" (2016)

Ava DuVernay's documentary examines systemic racism in America's prison system and the mass incarceration of African Americans, linking it to the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery except for those convicted of crimes​​​​.

"Blackfish" (2013)

This film investigates the psychological trauma inflicted on captive killer whales at SeaWorld, focusing on Tilikum, an orca responsible for the deaths of three people, and the broader issues of animal rights and ethics in the entertainment industry​​​​.

"The Act of Killing" (2012)

A unique documentary where Indonesian death squad leaders reenact their mass killings of 1965-66, providing a chilling exploration of historical atrocities and the human psyche​​​​.

"The Invisible War" (2012)

This documentary exposes the high levels of sexual assault in the U.S. military and the systemic failure to address these crimes adequately​​.

"The Social Dilemma" (2020)

A timely film that delves into the harmful impacts of social media on society, featuring insights from the designers and engineers of these platforms​​.

"I Am Not Your Negro" (2016)

Raoul Peck's film brings James Baldwin's critique of American racism to life, using archival footage and Baldwin's own words to explore racial violence and civil rights heroes​​.

"Food, Inc." (2008)

This documentary provides an eye-opening look at America's industrial food production system, highlighting its environmental and health impacts​​​​.

"Bowling for Columbine" (2002)

Michael Moore's film examines America's gun violence problem, using the Columbine High School shooting as a focal point to explore the nation's gun culture and its consequences​​.

"The Cove" (2009)

This film uncovers the secret world of dolphin hunting in Japan, highlighting the issues of animal rights, conservation, and ethics in the entertainment industry​​.