Christian Dior Ensemble

Rihanna attended the Christian Dior Couture Fashion Show wearing an ensemble from the Fall 2023 Collection

Style Icon

Known for her unmatched style, Rihanna dazzled with diamonds and a 90s-inspired glam look

Belted Black Coat and Cap

She made a striking appearance in a belted black coat paired with a tilted baseball cap, showcasing her unique fashion sense

Glenn Close's Praise

Actress Glenn Close shared a photo with Rihanna, expressing that meeting her was a highlight of her year

Front Row Presence

Rihanna's attendance was notable as she sat front row at the Dior show, a position reserved for influential celebrities

Dior's Print Puffer Coat

She wore a printed puffer coat by Dior, cinched at the waist, along with a matching midi skirt and leather gloves

Glamorous Makeup

Rihanna's makeup featured white eyeshadow, long lashes, bronzed cheeks, and a chocolate-colored lip liner with a light pink center​

Interaction with Natalie Portman

Her meeting with Natalie Portman at the event became a highlight, with mutual admiration expressed between the two stars​

Fashion Evolution

Rihanna's red carpet looks have evolved significantly from her early days, now often featuring bold and sexy choices

Celebrity-Filled Event

Alongside Rihanna, other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Zayn Malik, and Hunter Schafer were seen at Paris Fashion Week​