New Album Release in 2024

Dua Lipa is set to release her third album in 2024, following her successful "Future Nostalgia" album from 2020.

Lead Single "Houdini"

The lead single of the upcoming album, titled "Houdini," has already been released, setting the tone for the new era.

Inspiration from 1970s-Era Psychedelia

The new album is expected to explore sounds influenced by 1970s-era psychedelia, marking a shift from her previous disco and house influences.

A More Personal Touch

Dua Lipa has mentioned that her upcoming album will be more personal compared to her previous work.

Collaboration Speculations

There are rumors about a possible collaboration with Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, although Dua Lipa has not confirmed this.

Influences from British Club Culture

The lyrics and vibe of the new songs are inspired by British club culture and her experiences during nights out with friends.

Eleven Tracks Confirmed

The album, referred to as "DL3," is confirmed to have 11 tracks.

Collaborators in the Studio

Producer Koz and songwriter Sarah Hudson are among the industry names associated with the album's production.

Exploration of New Sounds

Dua Lipa aims to experiment with new sounds while maintaining her pop roots to avoid alienating her fan base.

Visual Representation with Hair Color Changes

Dua Lipa's changing hair colors, especially her recent switch to red, reflect the musical and aesthetic shift in her new era.