Optimize Short Game Shot Selection

Prioritize less risky shots around the greens by choosing to putt whenever possible, then chip, and finally pitch or flop as a last resort (Golf.com).

Play Defensively When Necessary

Recognize when to be aggressive and when to play it safe, avoiding 'hero' shots that lead to high scores (Golf.com).

Utilize a Favorite Club

In challenging times, rely on your favorite club for various shots to boost confidence and performance (Golf.com).

Improve Follow-through in Swings

 Ensure a strong follow-through in every shot for better direction and control (Essential Golf).

Focus on Getting on the Green

Aim to get the ball onto the putting surface to avoid double bogeys, prioritizing safe plays over risky shots (Practical Golf).

Understand and Work Within Your Physical Capabilities

Tailor your swing based on your physical abilities and limitations for a more effective play (Today's Golfer).

Enhance Core Strength

 Strengthen your core for better balance and injury prevention, crucial for an effective swing (InStash).

Experiment With Swing and Alignment

Practice different swing types and ensure proper alignment for better shot accuracy (Sunday Golf).

Maintain Regular Exercise

 Regular physical fitness helps prevent injuries and improves overall performance in golf (Sunday Golf).

Strategize Each Shot

Develop strategies for every shot, considering factors like hazards and approach angles for better course management (The Left Rough).