Casual Yet Stylish

At Sundance, Kristen Stewart showcased a hairstyle that balanced casualness and style, fitting the event's laid-back yet fashionable atmosphere.

Chanel Ensemble

Accompanying her hairstyle, she donned a Chanel Coco Neige 2023/24 outfit, which included a cropped jacket, carrot trousers, and a bandeau, reflecting her unique style attitude.

Mullet for a Role

Her mullet hairstyle was not just a fashion statement but also for her role in the film "Love Lies Bleeding," adding authenticity to her character.

80's Action/Thriller Vibe

The hairstyle contributes to an 80's action/thriller vibe, perfectly aligning with the aesthetic of her film "Love Lies Bleeding."

Electric Chemistry on Screen

This hairstyle complements her on-screen presence, especially her electric chemistry with co-star Katy O’Brian in "Love Lies Bleeding.""

Unique Style Attitude

 Kristen's choice of a mullet reflects her willingness to embrace unique and bold hairstyles that match her personal style attitude.

Versatility for Different Occasions

She has demonstrated the ability to carry off this hairstyle in various settings, from casual appearances to formal events.

Complementing her Wardrobe Choices

 The hairstyle goes well with her various wardrobe choices at the festival, showcasing her ability to integrate her hair and fashion seamlessly.

Highlighted by Top Designers

Her hairstyle and overall look have been noted and highlighted by top fashion designers and stylists, underlining its significance in fashion circles.

Inspiration for Future Trends

 Kristen Stewart’s new hairstyle at Sundance could potentially inspire future hair and fashion trends, indicating her influence in the fashion industry.