Historic Low Viewership

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards reached a record low, attracting only 4.3 million viewers, marking a significant drop from previous years

Competed Against NFL

The Emmys faced tough competition from an NFL playoff game, which was a first for the awards show, impacting its viewership numbers

Delay Due to Strikes

Originally scheduled for September, the Emmy Awards were postponed to January 2024 due to Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes

Golden Globes Comparison

The Golden Globes, aired eight days earlier, attracted more than double the viewership of the Emmys with 9.4 million viewers​

Positive Reviews, Poor Ratings

Despite receiving generally positive reviews for its content and presentation, the ratings still declined​

Pandemic Impact

The 2020 Emmys, held during the pandemic with no in-person audience, had set a low with 6.1 million viewers, showing a trend of declining viewership

Notable Absence in 2023

The Emmys were not held nor broadcast in 2023 due to the strikes, leading to a gap year in the awards ceremony

Long-Term Decline

The downward trend in Emmy viewership has been ongoing, with previous years also experiencing low ratings

Comparative Highs in the Past

The Emmys had much higher viewership in the past, with over 10 million viewers as recently as 2018 and 21.8 million in 2000

Rotating Network Broadcasts

The broadcast rights for the Emmys rotate among the four major networks, potentially affecting consistency in viewership and presentation​