Mosaic Glass Cutter

 Ideal for making precise cuts in glass tiles, avoiding splintering unlike regular tile nippers, and ensuring long-lasting sharpness

Weldbond Adhesive

A water-based, strong, clear-drying adhesive, ideal for a variety of materials and particularly popular among mosaic artists for its versatility and non-toxicity

Sanded Grout

A traditional portland-cement grout with sand, necessary for strength in gaps 1/8" or greater, and available in various colors to contrast with tile colors

Fiberglass Mesh

Useful for laying down tiles in advance for rapid installation, enhancing the efficiency of creating complex mosaic designs​

Ceramic and Marble File

Essential for smoothing and shaping sharp edges formed by cutting tiles, ensuring safety and precision in mosaic artwork

Jennifer's Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nipper

Allows more precise cuts on tiles or larger glass and ceramic pieces, with hardened steel cutting wheels

Economy Pistol-Grip Cutter and Running Pliers

Handy tools for scoring and breaking glass tiles, ensuring clean cuts and ease of handling

Grout Removal Tool and Dual-Grit Rubbing Stone

These tools assist in grout application and cleanup, and for smoothing rough tile edges


A popular substrate among mosaic artists, especially for outdoor use due to its waterproof, rigid, and lightweight properties​

Special-Purpose Tweezers and Mosaic Tile Pick-Up Tool

These tools are crucial for placing and adjusting small tiles with precision and ease​