Phillip Darling's Record

 Holds Guinness record with 2,396 bobbleheads, collected over 14 years​​.

Collection's Origin

Began with Ottawa Senators hockey players, expanded to include more sports teams​​.

Bobblehead Variety

Collection features hockey, baseball bobbleheads from U.S. and Canada​​.

Museum's Founders

Brad Novak and Phil Sklar started collecting minor league baseball bobbleheads​​.

National Bobblehead HOF

Home to 10,000+ bobbleheads, including various sports, celebrities, and historical figures .

Cultural Icons

Museum includes bobbleheads of cultural icons, local Milwaukee personalities​​.

Historical Significance

 Bobbleheads date back to the 1700s as religious figures in Asian culture​​.

First Bobblehead

The first known bobblehead was created in 1920, representing a generic basketball player​​.

Famous Sets

The Beatles 1964 collection is among the most popular bobblehead sets​​.

Museum Location

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, accessible and open to the public​​.