Introduction of Swift-Themed Menu

The Buffalo Bills, anticipating Taylor Swift's potential attendance at Highmark Stadium, introduced a Taylor Swift-inspired menu for their playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bad Blood Waffle Fries

This item is named after Swift's hit single "Bad Blood". It's a two-foot boat filled with spiced waffle fries, topped with Buffalo chicken, blue cheese, and Kansas City Cattlemen’s BBQ pork, coleslaw, and bread and butter pickles.

Karma Quesadilla

 Reflecting Swift's song "Karma", this dish features a triple-stacked quesadilla filled with chicken tender, bacon, and cilantro ranch, topped with pork belly.

Gabe Davis-Inspired Drink

Alongside the Swift-themed items, the Bills introduced "The Grape Davis", a drink named after player Gabe Davis, consisting of a malt-based Southern Comfort.

Swift's Connection to the Game

Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, creating a link between her and the game.

Buffalo's Elite Food Scene

The introduction of these unique menu items highlights Buffalo's reputation for an elite food scene, offering a blend of fun and flavor.

Celebration of Playoffs

 The Bills’ initiative to introduce these items aligns with the celebratory and high-stakes nature of the playoff game.

Fan Engagement

 This move aims to engage fans by combining popular culture (Taylor Swift) with the excitement of the NFL playoffs.

Marketing Strategy

Offering Swift-inspired menu items serves as a creative marketing strategy to draw attention and create a unique game day experience.

A Nod to Rivalry and Unity

The "Bad Blood Waffle Fries" symbolize both the rivalry (Buffalo vs. Kansas City) and the unity of different flavors, mirroring the spirit of a competitive yet united sports environment.