Health Scare Announcement

Cori Broadus revealed her health scare through an Instagram Story post from her hospital bed, where she disclosed suffering a "severe" stroke.

Emotional Reaction

Upon learning of her stroke, Broadus expressed her shock and emotional distress, questioning why this happened to her at such a young age

Lupus Diagnosis

Previously diagnosed with lupus at age six, Broadus has been open about her health challenges related to this autoimmune disorder​

Holistic Approach to Health

 In recent times, Broadus shifted towards a more natural and holistic approach to her health, discontinuing her medication and focusing on natural remedies and lifestyle changes

The Impact of Lupus

Lupus, an autoimmune disorder that Broadus suffers from, can lead to severe complications, including strokes, especially in young African-American women​

Lifestyle Changes for Health

Broadus has been actively working on improving her health through dietary changes, increased water intake, and incorporating natural supplements like sea moss and herbs

Personal Journey with Medication

She had been on medication since the age of six and decided to stop taking her prescribed drugs around five months before the stroke, seeking a more natural path to health

Awareness of Further Changes Needed

Broadus acknowledges that there are more lifestyle changes she could make to benefit her health, such as improving her diet and rest patterns

Family Background

Cori Broadus is the only daughter of rapper Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus

Professional Pursuits

Apart from her personal health journey, Broadus is also the chief executive of her makeup brand, Choc Factory Co