Suspension History Influential

 Draymond Green's history of suspensions played a significant role in his omission from the 2024 Olympic player pool for Team USA.

Decision by Management

Grant Hill, the managing director of the men’s national team, explicitly cited Green's suspensions as a reason for his exclusion from the team.

Previous Contributions Acknowledged

 Despite his exclusion, Hill recognized Green's significant contributions and his role in the legacy of USA Basketball.

Not a Performance Issue

The decision to leave out Green was not based on his performance, but rather his disciplinary record.

Team USA's New Direction

The exclusion reflects a broader approach by Team USA's management to focus on discipline and team culture for the 2024 Olympics.

Green's Olympic History

Draymond Green is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, highlighting the significance of his exclusion from the team.

Team USA Roster AnnouncedTeam 

 Other high-profile players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, and Chris Paul were included in the 41-man list announced for the team.

Green's NBA Career

Green, playing for the Golden State Warriors, has been a key player in the NBA, adding context to the surprise of his omission.

Team USA's Coaching Staff

The decision was made as part of the preparations under the new coaching staff, including head coach Steve Kerr.

Preparation for Paris 2024

 The decision forms part of Team USA's strategy in building a strong and disciplined team for the upcoming Paris Olympics.