Appreciates a Non-Celebrity Husband

 Margot Robbie values having a husband, Tom Ackerley, who isn't a celebrity and isn't affected by the spotlight, finding this dynamic advantageous in the Hollywood setting​

Shared Professional Passion

Robbie and Ackerley share a professional bond, working together in the film industry, which Robbie finds fulfilling and enjoyable

Focus on Personal Life

Despite her success, Robbie prefers spending time with friends discussing non-work-related topics, enjoying the simplicity and fun of normal life​

Generosity and Down-to-Earth Nature

Robbie is known for her generosity and down-to-earth demeanor, often treating her friends to luxury experiences, indicating her grounded nature despite fame

Comfort in Being Herself

With her husband and friends mostly from the film industry, Robbie feels comfortable being herself, without the pressure of her celebrity status​

Avoiding Spotlight for Husband

Ackerley prefers staying behind the camera and away from the public eye, a trait that Robbie appreciates and finds refreshing in Hollywood

Shared Success in Film Production

The couple has jointly produced several successful films, including the critically acclaimed 'Barbie', showcasing their effective collaboration​

Robbie's Preference Against Dating Actors

nRobbie had previously decided against dating actors, preferring someone like Ackerley who is less involved in the spotlight​

Balance in Professional and Personal Life

 Their ability to keep their relationship private while working together professionally suggests a healthy balance in their life​

Enjoying Simple Pleasures

Robbie's preference for simple, non-work-related conversations with friends and her husband indicates her desire for a normal, balanced life outside her career