Persistent Effort

Emma Stone, known for her Oscar-winning acting, applies to be a contestant on "Jeopardy!" every year, showcasing her dedication and love for the show​

Non-Celebrity Preference

Despite her celebrity status, Stone is keen on participating in the standard, non-celebrity version of "Jeopardy!" She emphasizes her desire to earn her place on the show like any other contestant​

Annual Application

Each June, Stone takes the opportunity to apply for the show. This regular attempt highlights her consistent enthusiasm and hope to be a part of her favorite quiz show​

Lack of Response

 Despite her yearly applications, Stone has yet to receive an invitation to participate on the show, which speaks to the challenging and selective nature of the contestant selection process

Dream to Compete

 Stone has expressed that being on "Jeopardy!" is a dream for her, indicating the show's personal significance beyond her professional acting career

Quiz Participation

To apply for "Jeopardy!", Stone participates in the required quiz, a step that every potential contestant must take. This process is only available once a year per email address​

Passionate Viewer

Stone is an avid viewer of "Jeopardy!", watching it every night and keeping track of the answers she gets right, demonstrating her active engagement with the show

Celebrity Exclusion

 Stone has specifically stated her disinterest in the "Celebrity Jeopardy!" version, preferring to compete in the standard format to truly test her knowledge​

Preparation and Anticipation

Her routine of watching and interacting with the show nightly illustrates her preparation and anticipation for potentially being a contestant one day​

Unfulfilled Aspiration

Despite her repeated efforts and preparation, Stone's aspiration to be on "Jeopardy!" remains unfulfilled, reflecting the unpredictability and competitiveness of the selection process