Fans File Lawsuit

Two fans, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, have filed a lawsuit against Madonna for inconveniencing concertgoers due to her late arrival at her gig .

Specific Concert Details

The lawsuit pertains to a concert on December 13, 2023, at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, where Madonna reportedly took the stage at 10.45 pm, over two hours past the scheduled start time of 8.30 pm.

Impact on Attendees

The delayed start meant the concert did not finish until around 1 am, causing inconvenience for fans who faced limited public transportation options and had to bear increased transportation costs at the late hour .

Effect on Daily Life

As the concert occurred on a Wednesday evening, many attendees had work or family responsibilities the following day, adding to the inconvenience .

Nature of Harm Claimed

The plaintiffs claimed to have suffered actual harm due to Madonna's lateness, including annoyance, harassment, time, frustration, and anger .

Previous Incidents

This is not the first time Madonna has faced legal action for starting shows late. She was similarly sued in 2019 during her "Madame X" theater tour for starting a concert at 10.30 pm

Rescheduled Tour Dates

The "Celebration Tour" shows in question were originally scheduled for July 2023 but were postponed to December due to Madonna being hospitalized for a serious bacterial infection in June

Recurring Late Starts

Delayed starts have been a recurring theme throughout the rescheduled "Celebration Tour," with Madonna often taking the stage between 9.50 pm and 10.30 pm in various cities

Defendants in the Lawsuit

Along with Madonna, event promoters Live Nation and the Barclays Center are also listed as defendants in the lawsuit.

Legal Precedent

The 2019 lawsuit against Madonna for late concert starts alleged a breach of contract between the singer and the ticket buyer, setting a precedent for the current legal action