Exclusive Multi-Year Partnership

LeBron James has entered into an exclusive multi-year trading card partnership with Fanatics Collectibles, joining the company's collectibles division​

Unique One-of-One Card Featuring Bronny

The partnership is marked by the release of a special one-of-one card featuring LeBron in his high school uniform alongside his son, Bronny, in his USC Trojans uniform, set to be released on January 19

End of Partnership with Upper Deck

 This deal signifies the end of LeBron's long-term association with Upper Deck, where he had been for the past 20 years

Inclusion in 2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Set

The unique card featuring LeBron and Bronny will be included in the 2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball set

Narration of ‘Origin of Greatness’ Video

LeBron has narrated a video titled ‘Origin of Greatness’ for Fanatics, highlighting the journey of several athlete partners​

Bronny's Involvement and Popularity

Bronny's involvement in the deal is significant, especially considering his own growing popularity and endorsements in college basketball​

Fanatics’ Expansion in Trading Cards

 Fanatics Collectibles is expanding its presence in the trading card industry, having acquired rights for MLB, NBA, and NFL players, and the acquisition of Topps

Record-Setting Deal Value

The deal is speculated to be worth over $5 million per year, setting a new record in the sports card industry

LeBron's Personal Investment in Trading Cards

 LeBron is known to invest in high-value rookie cards, including his own, recognizing their potential as investments

Shift in the Sports Card Industry

The sports card industry is increasingly becoming a high-stakes, multi-billion dollar business, reflecting a significant shift from its traditional roots​