Emmy Night's Unique Approach

Anthony Anderson hosted the 75th Emmy Awards with a special twist involving his mother, Doris Bowman

Mama Doris' Role

Doris Bowman, also known as Mama Doris, played the role of the "Emmys ‘play-off mama’," a unique approach to keeping speeches within time limits​

Audience Reaction

Some Emmy viewers found Mama Doris' interruptions during the speeches to be somewhat off-putting, describing them as 'rude'

Interruption Method

Doris Bowman used a direct approach, often standing up and interrupting to ensure speeches didn't overrun their allotted time​

Comedic Element

The act was intended to add a comedic touch to the ceremony, with Doris Bowman tapping her watch and urging winners to speed up their speeches​

Famous Interrupted Speech

Jennifer Coolidge, while accepting her award, was one of the celebrities interrupted by Mama Doris, who told her "I love you, baby, but time"

Anderson's Take on the Bit

Anthony Anderson joked that his mother's monologue interruption was the only mishap of the Emmy night

A New Celebrity

Through these appearances and other collaborations with her son, Doris Bowman has gained her own celebrity status

Doris Bowman's Acting Ambitions

Originally, Doris had aspirations to be an actress, a dream she set aside to raise her son, Anthony Anderson​

Shared Acting Passion

The Emmy night highlighted not just Anthony Anderson's hosting skills but also the shared love for acting between him and his mother