Boost in Female Viewership

Swift's attendance at NFL games led to a significant spike in the female demographic, with Roku reporting a 63% increase in female viewers aged 18 to 49 during her appearance at a Chiefs and Bears game

Increased Jersey Sales

The presence of Swift at games has been linked to a nearly 400% surge in sales of Travis Kelce jerseys, making him one of the top NFL jersey sellers

Social Media Impact

 Following Swift's appearances, Travis Kelce experienced a substantial increase in social media followers, even more than after the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory

Podcast Popularity Boost

Kelce’s podcast reached the number-one spot on Apple's charts, partly attributed to the buzz created by Swift's appearance

Ticket Sales and Searches Surge

StubHub and Google both reported a significant increase in searches for Chiefs tickets, and the team saw a record day in ticket sales following a game Swift attended

Media and Broadcast Strategy

Networks like NBC and Fox actively integrated 'Swift-isms' into their broadcasts and promotions, emphasizing her presence to attract viewers​

Music Licensing Opportunities

NBC obtained rights to use Swift's song "Welcome to New York" for promos, indicating potential financial benefits through music licensing​

Varied Viewer Response

 While some viewers are more likely to tune in due to Swift's presence, about a quarter report being less likely to watch, demonstrating varied reactions among different audience segments

Swift's Potential Influence on Future Collaborations

 Networks and sports analysts acknowledge Swift as a marketing genius, suggesting her potential for further collaborations and promotions within the NFL

Continued Massive Viewership for NFL

Despite Swift's influence, the NFL continues to experience massive viewership numbers overall, indicating her impact as one part of a larger viewership trend