Return to Podcasting

Dana Carvey resumed his podcast "Fly on the Wall" with David Spade, finding it beneficial as part of his recovery process after his son's death​​.

The 'Pain Train'

Carvey described his grief as being on the 'pain train', emphasizing the uncertainty of the grief journey and its duration .

Dex's Talents and Passions

In his tribute, Carvey highlighted Dex's diverse talents in music, art, filmmaking, and comedy, and his passionate approach to life .

Dex's Love for Life

Dana Carvey emphasized how Dex loved life and made everything fun, with a special mention of Dex's love for his family, friends, and girlfriend .

Impact of Grief on Family

The grief has been a private journey for Carvey, his wife Paula, and their other son, Thomas, marked by activities like hiking and attending church together .

Social Media and Public Statements

Dana Carvey and his wife Paula announced Dex's death due to an accidental drug overdose on Instagram, expressing their pain and offering prayers for those struggling with addiction​​​​. .

Support from the Community

 Following the tragedy, Carvey received an outpouring of support and condolences from fans, friends, and fellow comedians .

Dex's Legacy and Influence

Dex was remembered for his creativity and zest for life, having worked in various creative fields and even launching a comedy venue with his father .

Healing through Laughter

 Despite the deep grief, Carvey expressed a desire to laugh again and saw his return to work and collaboration with David Spade as a step towards healing .

Public Acknowledgement of Loss

Dana Carvey's openness about his grief journey has brought attention to the challenges faced by those grieving, especially in the public eye . .