Lohan's Disappointment

Lindsay Lohan expressed her disappointment and hurt over a specific joke in the new "Mean Girls" movie, citing it as offensive.

The Controversial Joke

The joke in question, delivered by Megan Thee Stallion, referenced a past incident where Lohan was derogatorily called "fire crotch."

Surprise at Premiere

 Lohan was reportedly unaware of the joke prior to watching the film, indicating she may not have been fully briefed on the script.

Cameo Appearance

 Despite her displeasure with the joke, Lohan made a surprise cameo in the film, contributing to its nostalgic value.

Tina Fey's Role

Tina Fey, who was involved in the film's production and also reprised her role, played a part in making Lohan's cameo happen.

Online Backlash

Following Lohan's expression of disappointment, there was notable backlash and criticism directed towards her on social media platforms.

Lohan's Central Role in Original Film

The original "Mean Girls" movie is often seen as Lohan's film, given her central role, which made her cameo in the new film significant.

Joke's Reference to Past Incident

The joke in the movie alluded to a 2006 incident where Lohan was insultively referred to by the same term used in the film.

Film's Adaptation from Musical

The new "Mean Girls" is an adaptation of the Broadway musical, differing from the 2004 movie, and includes a musical component.

Lohan's Continued Impact

Despite controversies and her reaction to the new film, Lohan's role in the original "Mean Girls" continues to be a significant part of her legacy in popular culture.