'Titanic Rising' by Weyes Blood (2019)

 A critical analysis of internet's impact on connections, emphasizing the right to feel alive.

'The King of Limbs' by Radiohead (2011)

Critically acclaimed for evolving style, gained more acceptance over time.

'Chutes Too Narrow' by The Shins (2003)

Highlighted by James Mercer's voice, with themes of protest and ontogeny.

'Third' by Portishead (2008)

Darker and more cynical than previous albums, a natural musical re-invention.

'Brothers' by The Black Keys (2010)

Breakthrough album with Grammy-winning 'Tighten Up', produced by Danger Mouse.

'xx' by The xx (2009)

Brilliantly realized debut mixing R&B, rock, and electro.

'Sea Change' by Beck (2002)

A serious, acoustic-tinged album recognized for its rich baritone.

'Untrue' by Burial (2007)

A unique departure from drum and bass, focusing on raw emotions and musicality.

'The Age of Adz' by Sufjan Stevens (2010)

Marked a shift to an electronic sound, a departure from Stevens' previous style.

'The Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance (2006)

Influential in the 'emo' genre, dark yet danceable, with mainstream appeal