Christmas Day Fire

A significant fire occurred at a shopping center at 4600 El Camino Real, Los Altos, on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023.

Demolition Postponement

 The city of Los Altos initially planned to partially demolish the fire-damaged shopping center, but this has been delayed due to logistical issues.

Collaboration with Fire Department

Los Altos is collaborating with the Santa Clara County Fire Department and the building owner regarding the demolition process.

Closure of El Camino Real

The eastbound block of El Camino Real, between San Antonio Road and Sherwood Avenue, remains closed pending the partial demolition of the building.

Impact on Traffic

This closure affects traffic flow, leading to potential major traffic issues in the area.

Lack of Demolition Timeline

 There has been no specific timeline provided for when the demolition will occur.

Machine Transportation Issues

The demolition was postponed partly due to the non-arrival of a necessary machine for the demolition work.

Detour Plans

The city has implemented detour plans, and the public is advised to follow posted detour signs on El Camino Real.

Business Displacement

Several businesses in the shopping center have been displaced by the fire, affecting local business owners and the community.

Community and Business Support

 Efforts are being made by the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce and through GoFundMe campaigns to support displaced businesses and community members affected by the fire..