Final Opportunity

 Smith views the Bucks job as possibly Rivers' last chance to demonstrate his capabilities as a head coach in the NBA, especially if he fails to win a championship​​.

Record Under Scrutiny

 Smith has pointed out Rivers' mixed track record in crucial games, noting his career record in Game 7s stands at 6-10, and he's lost the last five straight​​.

Playoff Struggles

 Despite regular-season successes, Rivers has often faced criticism for his teams' underperformance in the playoffs, a trend Smith has acknowledged​​.

Championship Pressure

Smith emphasizes the high expectations on Rivers to lead the Bucks, a team with stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo, to a championship victory​​.

Mixed Reputation

 Rivers is viewed as a polarizing figure; some consider him one of the best due to his past success, while others criticize his recent coaching stints​​.

Public Criticism

Smith has highlighted that Rivers is known for openly criticizing his players, which might have led to discontent within the teams he coached​​.

Internal Dynamics

There were reportedly several people within the Sixers organization who were not fond of Rivers, contributing to his departure from the team​​.

Rivers' Coaching History

 Smith acknowledges Rivers' extensive experience, having coached teams like the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics, LA Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers​​.

Success and Failures

Smith pointed out Rivers' single NBA championship win with the Celtics but also noted his failures to secure more titles with talented rosters​​.

Friendship and Frankness

 Despite his critical stance, Smith has expressed a personal fondness for Rivers, indicating that his commentary is grounded in a desire for Rivers to succeed​​.