Incident Revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live

 Rob Lowe discussed his texting mishap during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he admitted to accidentally sending a congratulatory text to the wrong actor

Mistaken Recipient

 Lowe intended to send a message to Robert Downey Jr. praising his acceptance speech but accidentally sent it to Bradley Cooper

Golden Globe Nominee Mix-Up

Cooper, who was nominated for a Best Actor Golden Globe for 'Maestro', received the message instead of Downey Jr., who won for 'Oppenheimer'​

Lowe's Reaction to the Mistake

 Realizing his error, Lowe tried to explain the mistake to Cooper, but felt his explanation made things worse​

Cooper's Nomination and Loss

Bradley Cooper was nominated in the Best Actor in a Drama category for his performance in 'Maestro', but lost to Cillian Murphy from 'Oppenheimer'

Lowe's Intended Message

The text Lowe meant to send to Downey Jr. praised his acceptance speech as beautiful and deserving

Downey Jr.'s Role and Speech

Robert Downey Jr. won the award for his portrayal of U.S. government official Lewis Strauss in 'Oppenheimer', and his acceptance speech was highlighted by Lowe

'Oppenheimer' Success

'Oppenheimer' had a successful run at the Golden Globes, winning five of the eight awards it was nominated for

Digital Communication Blunders

The incident emphasizes the commonality of digital communication errors in today’s connected world

BAFTA Nominations for 'Oppenheimer'

Following the Golden Globes, 'Oppenheimer' received 13 BAFTA nominations, including Best Film and Best Director