Passing and Cause of Death

Lynn Yamada Davis passed away on January 1st at the age of 67 due to esophageal cancer, after initially being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2019 and later esophageal cancer in 2021​

Rise to Fame on TikTok

She gained widespread popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, amassing over 17.5 million followers on TikTok, known for her wholesome cooking videos

Unique Content Style

 Davis stood out on TikTok for blending comedy with her cooking videos, creating a unique and engaging style of content

Educational Background

Before her rise as a TikTok star, Davis had an impressive academic career, graduating from MIT in civil engineering and later completing a joint MBA and Masters of Public Health degree at Columbia University

Career Achievements

Apart from her TikTok fame, she had a successful career in telecommunications and was recognized as a pioneering female engineer

Family and Legacy

Davis is survived by her husband, Keith Davis, children Tim, Sean, Hannah Mariko Shofet, and Becky Steinberg, and two grandchildren. She left a lasting impact on both her family and fans worldwide

Active Social Media Accounts

At her request, her TikTok account will remain active, with previously filmed and edited videos being posted until they are all shared​

A Global Influence

Her popularity extended beyond TikTok, with substantial followings on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and partnerships in the culinary world, including with the instant ramen company, Immi

Recognition in the Media

 In 2022, Forbes recognized her on its Top 50 Creators list, and she also received two Streamy Awards in editing and food creator categories

Personal Life and Interests

 Beyond her digital presence, Davis was known for her various interests and activities, including running eight marathons and volunteering for her local EMT squad for over 20 years