Record-Breaking Streams

2023 marked the first time music streaming surpassed the four-trillion mark in a single year, with a total of 4.1 trillion streams worldwide

Significant Growth

This milestone represented a 22.3% increase in global audio streams compared to 2022, indicating a substantial growth in the music streaming industry​

U.S. Dominance

The United States accounted for over a quarter of these streams, contributing about 1.2 trillion, a significant increase from the previous year

Taylor Swift's Impact

Taylor Swift was a major contributor to these numbers, with her music comprising 1.79% of total streams in the U.S., equating to about one in every 78 audio streams being a Swift song​

Rise of Non-English Music

The report highlighted a growing interest in non-English music in the U.S., especially in genres like world and Latin music, which saw increases of 26% and 24%, respectively, compared to 2022

Spanish-Language Popularity

The popularity of Spanish audio content increased in the U.S., making up 8% of total audio streams. This coincides with the increase in Spanish-language content among the top 10,000 audio and video streaming tracks​

Bad Bunny's Influence

Bad Bunny, a major figure in Latin music, garnered 3.6 billion on-demand audio streams in the U.S. in 2023, contributing significantly to the overall streaming numbers

Younger Generations' Preferences

Millennials and Gen Z listeners in the U.S. are increasingly exploring foreign language music, with over 63% of both age groups stating they listen to new music to experience new cultures and perspectives

Country Music's Growth

Alongside foreign-language music, country music also saw a surge in popularity, especially among younger fans in the U.S., with artists like Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen gaining significant traction

Dominance of R&B and Hip-Hop

Despite the rise in other genres, R&B and hip-hop remained the most streamed genres in the U.S., making up nearly a third of the total streams in the country