Tim Tebow's Transition from NFL to WWE Potential

After his time with the New England Patriots in 2013, Tim Tebow was considered for a transition from football to professional wrestling.

Secret Meeting with WWE Executives

WWE President Nick Khan revealed that there was a top-secret meeting involving Tim Tebow, himself, Vince McMahon, and Triple H in Anaheim to discuss Tebow's potential involvement in WWE.

Proposed WrestleMania XXX Match

The discussion centered around Tebow participating in WrestleMania XXX, with a potential matchup against the Big Show being considered.

Financial Terms Discussed

During the meeting, financial terms for Tebow's participation in WWE were offered, highlighting the serious consideration given to this crossover.

Tim Tebow's Athletic Appeal

The idea of Tebow, known for his athleticism, facing off against the Big Show's immense strength, was seen as a potential major draw for WWE audiences.

The Meeting's Outcome

Despite the discussions and plans, Tebow ultimately did not participate in WrestleMania or join WWE.

Other NFL Stars in WrestleMania

While Tebow did not compete, other NFL stars like Rob Gronkowski and George Kittle have made appearances at WrestleMania events.

Tebow's Post-NFL Career

Following his NFL career, Tebow switched to minor league baseball in the New York Mets organization and later attempted a comeback in the NFL as a tight end with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Continued Role as ESPN Analyst

Tebow has maintained his role as a college football analyst on ESPN following his football career.

The Impact of the Rumor

The revelation of this meeting and the potential for Tebow's involvement in WWE brought to light the crossover appeal between professional sports and entertainment wrestling.