Lawsuit Overview

James Van Der Beek sued SiriusXM for breaching a contract related to a $700,000 podcast deal.

Deal Details

The agreement involved Van Der Beek hosting 40 podcast episodes, with a $700,000 guarantee and a 50% share of net ad revenue.

Podcast Theme

The podcast was to be based on Van Der Beek's acting career and personal life, including insights and interviews.

Legal Proceedings

 The lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging breach of contract by SiriusXM.

SiriusXM's Defense

SiriusXM argued that no formal contract was finalized with Van Der Beek.

Court Ruling

 The court sided with SiriusXM, stating that the agreement was not legally binding as it was not finalized.

Email Agreements

The dispute centered around whether email communications constituted a binding agreement.

SiriusXM's Actions

Despite the initial agreement, SiriusXM later withdrew from the deal.

Impact on Van Der Beek

Following the agreement, Van Der Beek reportedly turned down other offers, anticipating the podcast's production.

Final Outcome

The court dismissed Van Der Beek's lawsuit, ruling in favor of SiriusXM and against the actor's claims.