Origin of the Pitch

The idea for a body-swap movie with Justin Hartley came about after a mix-up at the 2024 Golden Globes, where The Hollywood Reporter mistakenly identified Hartley as Glen Powell.

Glen Powell's Response

Powell humorously addressed the mix-up, suggesting the concept of "the most boring body-swap movie of all time" involving himself and Hartley.

Public Reaction

The idea gained attention due to its humorous origin and the public intrigue surrounding such a unique film concept.

Comparison with Other Works

This proposed body-swap film stands out as an unconventional idea in the genre, contrasting with more traditional body-swap movies.

Career Highlights

Both Powell and Hartley have established careers in acting, with Powell known for "Top Gun: Maverick" and Hartley for "This Is Us".

Fan Excitement

Fans of both actors showed excitement over the potential collaboration, highlighting their individual appeal and the novelty of the concept.

Social Media Buzz

The idea quickly spread on social media, with users commenting on the humorous nature of the mix-up and the potential of the movie pitch.

Genre Expectations

 If developed, the film could offer a fresh take on the body-swap genre, combining the unique talents and personas of Powell and Hartley.

Speculative Nature

As of now, the movie pitch remains speculative and has not been confirmed for development into an actual film.

Continued Interest

Interest in this potential project highlights the ongoing appeal of body-swap comedies and the draw of high-profile collaborations in Hollywood.