Disappointing Finish in Iowa

DeSantis's decision followed a second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, a state where he invested heavily but failed to outperform Donald Trump

Endorsement of Donald Trump

 Upon ending his campaign, DeSantis endorsed Donald Trump, stating a desire not to return to "the old Republican guard" represented by Nikki Haley

Internal Campaign Discussions

After the Iowa caucuses, DeSantis consulted with senior advisers and his family, leaning towards exiting the race due to the significant lead Trump had gained

Future Political Plans

DeSantis ruled out serving as a vice-presidential candidate and expressed a desire to complete his term as Florida's governor​

Campaign Struggles

 Technical issues marred DeSantis's high-profile campaign announcement, and he faced difficulties connecting with voters and managing campaign resources effectively

Financial Challenges

DeSantis's campaign faced financial strains, including laying off nearly 40 employees and burning through campaign funds at an unsustainable rate​

Criticism of Nikki Haley

Throughout the campaign, DeSantis frequently criticized Nikki Haley, positioning her as representing an outdated form of Republican politics​

Super PAC Involvement

DeSantis's campaign increasingly relied on a super PAC for essential functions, raising legal concerns about coordination between the campaign and the PAC

Trump's Attacks

Trump consistently attacked DeSantis, both personally and politically, throughout the campaign

Initial Campaign Strengths

Despite his eventual withdrawal, DeSantis began the presidential race with significant advantages, including strong fundraising and a solid legislative record on conservative issues