Get a Spotter

 Ensure you have an experienced lifter nearby during your session for safety.

Warm-up and Stretch

Begin with a warm-up routine including stretches and light cardio to prepare muscles.

Give Muscles Time Off

Allow at least 48 hours for muscle recovery between strength training sessions.

Use a Weight Belt

 Consider a weight belt for heavy lifts to protect your lower back.

Avoid Dropping Weights

Ensure you release weights safely to prevent injury.

Stay Hydrated

Keep a water bottle handy and drink regularly during your workout.

Use Proper Form

Focus on correct alignment and smooth movements in each exercise.

Don’t Overexert

Start with weights suitable for your ability and gradually build up.

Stay Focused

Avoid distractions, especially when lifting heavy objects.

Ensure Good Physical Condition

Only engage in weightlifting if your body is adequately prepared and healthy.