John Ford (1973)

Esteemed director known for his impactful westerns and a winner of six Oscars.

James Cagney (1974)

Renowned actor and accomplished dancer, Cagney was celebrated for both his comedic and dramatic roles.

Orson Welles (1975)

A versatile talent, Welles was an actor, director, and screenwriter, most famous for "Citizen Kane."

William Wyler (1976)

Highly respected filmmaker, Wyler was known for classics such as "The Best Years of Our Lives."

Bette Davis (1977)

 Iconic actress whose career spanned over 60 years, Davis was known for her intense, strong-willed roles.

Henry Fonda (1978)

Esteemed actor known for his roles that often embodied integrity and moral strength.

Alfred Hitchcock (1979)

The master of suspense, Hitchcock's direction revolutionized the thriller genre.

James Stewart (1980)

Renowned for his portrayals of the American everyman, Stewart's career was both varied and illustrious.

Fred Astaire (1981)

Celebrated actor and dancer, Astaire was especially known for his musical films.

Frank Capra (1982)

Director best known for feel-good movies like "It's a Wonderful Life," Capra's films often had strong moral messages.