Faux Leather for Edge

Justin Timberlake has released a teaser of his new single "Selfish" on Instagram and TikTok, marking his return to music.

Album Title

 The upcoming album is titled "Everything I Thought I Was," continuing Timberlake's music journey after his last solo release in 2018.

Saturday Night Live Appearance

Timberlake is set to perform as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live on January 27, 2024.

Live Performance

 The full song "Selfish" was debuted by Timberlake during a one-night-only show in his hometown of Memphis.

Trademark Moves

 Legal documents reveal trademark applications for "Everything I Thought It Was" and "Everything I Thought It Was... A Sonic film," hinting at the new album.

Social Media Teasers

 Timberlake has been teasing new music on social media, including a post with the initials 'EITIW.'

Album Release Date

 There is no official release date yet for "Everything I Thought It Was," but anticipation is high given Timberlake's track record.

Memphis Concert Highlights

At his Memphis concert, Timberlake performed a mix of new and classic hits, including a cover of Bill Withers' "Lovely Day."

N Sync Reunion Influence

Timberlake's recent 'N Sync reunion song "Better Place" from the Trolls Band Together soundtrack re-ignited interest in his solo work.

Trademark History

Timberlake's history of filing trademarks for his music projects, including "Man of the Woods" in 2018, aligns with his current moves for the new album.