Alien Ant Farm Rocks Again: New Album “mAntras” and “So Cold” Single Mark Comeback

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Renowned for their impact in the nü-metal and alternative rock scene, Alien Ant Farm is set to release their first album in almost a decade. The announcement of “~mAntras”, due out on April 26th, has stirred excitement among fans and the music community alike. Accompanying this news is the debut of their single “So Cold”, a track that showcases the band’s growth while staying true to their roots.

Fan Reactions and Album Anticipation

This comeback has sparked a range of reactions from the band’s loyal fanbase. Online platforms like Sputnikmusic are abuzz with comments, ranging from enthusiastic endorsements to light-hearted jokes about the band’s creative titles, like “Last dAntz”. The mix of excitement and nostalgia indicates a strong, enduring connection between the band and its fans.

Album Details and Musical Evolution

“~mAntras~” promises to be a reflective and heartfelt journey, with tracks like “The Wrong Things”, “Fade”, and “Prosperous Futures”. This album is anticipated not just as a collection of new songs, but as a testament to Alien Ant Farm’s evolution over the years. It’s a blend of what fans have loved about the band, mixed with new elements that show their growth and experimentation.

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Engagement with the Music Community

The band’s return goes beyond the album release. Alien Ant Farm is scheduled to perform at key music festivals, including the ‘Welcome To Rockville’ in Daytona Beach, FL, and a concert at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, KY. These live performances are an opportunity for both long-time fans and new listeners to experience the band’s dynamic stage presence.

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