Dead & Company Las Vegas Sphere Residency: A Fusion of Music and Tech in 2024

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Dead & Company, the esteemed rock group formed from the legacy of the Grateful Dead, is set to mark a new chapter in their illustrious journey with an anticipated residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas. The Sphere, a beacon of modern venue design and technological marvel, will host the band for a series of shows, bringing a fusion of classic tunes and contemporary concert experiences.

The Sphere, boasting a state-of-the-art design, is set to provide an unparalleled audio-visual spectacle. With its advanced Sphere Immersive Sound system, powered by HoloPlot, the venue ensures a crystal-clear, individualized sound experience for every attendee. This innovation, coupled with a sprawling display of LEDs, equating to the size of four football fields, transforms the venue into an immersive wonderland.

Dead & Company’s decision to choose the Sphere for their residency comes after their “Final Tour” in 2023, a tour that was widely recognized as their last major tour. However, the band members, including Grateful Dead veterans Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and new additions like John Mayer, have expressed their continuous passion for music and performance. This residency, therefore, does not signify an end, but a new form of musical expression and connection with fans.


The residency is expected to start in May 2024, with around 14 to 15 shows planned. This series of performances follows the footsteps of U2’s inaugural residency at the Sphere and precedes the unique Phish shows set for April 2024. Dead & Company’s residency is particularly noteworthy as it signifies a blend of the band’s rich musical legacy with the groundbreaking technological aspects of the Sphere, promising a unique experience for concert-goers.

Fans can anticipate a setlist that delves into the Grateful Dead’s historic catalog, resonating with both long-time followers and new listeners. The combination of the band’s iconic sound and the Sphere’s immersive capabilities is expected to create a concert experience like no other.

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