Sacramento’s Popcorn Paradise: Celebrating National Popcorn Day 2024

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National Popcorn Day, celebrated annually on January 19th, has become a day of joy and community engagement. In 2024, Sacramento, California, embraced this day with unique offerings and deals, spotlighting the beloved snack in all its buttery glory.

Sacramento Celebrates with Delectable Deals

Sacramento’s love for popcorn was evident in the range of deals offered throughout the city. The Popcorn Store, a local favorite with locations in Elk Grove and Rocklin, treated customers to a small bag of gourmet white popcorn for purchases over $15. This special offer catered to the gourmet popcorn enthusiasts, showcasing a variety of flavors, including the classic salted and oiled white, rich yellow cheddar, and sweet caramel popcorn.

Sacramento deals on national popcorn day

Movie theaters across the city also joined in the festivities. Tower Theatre offered a 50% discount on all popcorn, making it a perfect spot for movie-goers to indulge. Cinemark and Regal theaters provided their own unique offers; Cinemark gave $2 off on medium and large popcorns, while Regal rewarded its members with a free small popcorn at any concession stand. AMC theaters went a step further, offering unlimited popcorn refills and a special crossbody bag for purchase, enhancing the movie-going experience.

A Day for Popcorn Lovers

National Popcorn Day in Sacramento was more than just about the deals; it was a celebration of a snack loved by all ages. From gourmet flavors to classic buttery popcorn at movie theaters, the day brought together families, friends, and communities over a shared love for popcorn. It highlighted the snack’s role in our cultural and social life, from being a movie companion to a gourmet treat.

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